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about us

Formed in year 2000, JKS Engineering (M) Sdn. Bhd. has been fully committed on development of cleaning and automation solutions to over 100 companies worldwide.

With over 20 years of experience, JKS partners with our customers and suppliers to develop solutions with operation competitiveness.


what we clean

The quality of our products and services starts with the understanding of customer's part manufacturing processes and their cleaning requirements. We provide customised cleaning process designs within our standard platform after considering various aspects of the part and the type of contaminant affecting the part.

our chemistry

Our strength lies in building long-term partnership with various chemical suppliers in the dedicated industry to provide our customer with operational competitive chemistry.

our mechanics

Utilizing the right chemistry and cleaning mechanics to satisfy the need of different industries.

ultrasonic cleaning

advanced vacuum extraction

vapor technology

spray cleaning


micro-space cleaning

application r&d center

glÄser acm 18

Particle extraction & filtration system

glÄser easydry ii

Filter membrane drying

precision mass balance

Gravimetric analysis

keyence microscope vhx-5000

Particle counting

mitani contami analyzer

Particle classification & report

JKS Application Lab conducts customer parts testing with our in-lab cleaning systems, mainly using XCEL FE01-FS and XCEL CT12-HY. Our experienced engineers would focus on process selection and optimization on key elements of chemistry, mechanics, temperature and time.

JKS in-lab available verification methods include particle extraction analysis, complies with VDA 19.1 / ISO 16232 standards, and dyne pen test for degreasing results, which complies with ASTM D2578 and TAPPI T698 standards.

our industry and applications


semicon backend

hard disk drive


hydrocarbon degreasing

medical devices

prior to pvd coating

other metal workings

our standard products

We focus on working together with our associates and customers to provide cleaner and high quality products. We have spent over decades creating innovative and quality products for the market.

ct series

Open/Fully Enclosed batch handling type Cleaning System which consists of multiple tanks, capable of providing high throughput and performing high flexibility processes.


JKS SmartBOT handling features precision positioning & speed control system with process synchronised capability. It is also designed to minimise risk of particle generation during movement ( cleanroom compliance ).


Fully automated cleaning system with high process flexibility & precision recipe control system, where all process sequences for each cleaning requirement can be adjustable by the user.


CT-Series is being designed with a solid modular platform that could cater to multiple chemistries, varies precision cleaning & drying technology in a single system.


Process basket & barrel options cater for different parts handling, where barrel is capable of rotation movement.



fe series

Front Loading Fully Enclosed Cleaning System Design which consists of a fully sealed single chamber, capable of performing flexible process with high efficiency.


Efficient floor area utilization with multi-stage cleaning process performed in a single chamber, while providing ease of access for maintenance.


Process basket capable of static & rotation movements to cater for different parts cleaning requirements.

tt series

Flexible modular construction with simple movement mechanism, capable of handling general cleaning applications.


Process tank designed to be electrically & mechanically easy to access and maintain.


Simple modular design for hassle-free installation & flexible process with optional quantity of modules. Other additional modules include hot air recirculation dryer & manual hand-spray tank.


Comes with a simple interface with LCD disaply for fast & easy operation of the cleaning system.

cc series

Fully Enclosed Continuous Conveyor Cleaning System which consists of multiple tanks, capable of providing high throughput and efficient process.


Conveyor system suitable for low mixed high volume precision cleaning applications. Simple conveyor drive system provide stable operation with little maintenance.


Configuration 1 incorporates spray stations in a single-level design generally for tray cleaning as well as other plastic tools. Configuration 2 combines both ultrasonic technology and spray stations using dual-level design for parts precision cleaning with stringent cleaning requirements standards.



cleanroom conveyor

JKS specializes in cleanroom conveyor systems to meet almost any industries / applications namely HDD assembly, automotive sensor assembly, semicon inspection, electronics assembly inspection, CO2 / air blow dry cleaning and etc.


  • Cleanroom class 100 (ISO 5)
  • ESD safe (106-109Ω/sq)
  • Modular design
  • Open center concept
  • Zone independent control
  • Stopping accuracy of ± 1 mm
  • Max load of 5 kg
  • Max speed of 500 mm / sec
  • Low vibration and low noise
  • CE compliance (optional)

instrumentation solutions

cleaning instrumentations

LC Premium

MG Premium

Sonopower 3S




Weber Ultrasonics combines top technological competence with sound industry knowledge and offers development, production and service from a single source.

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SINGLE : 25kHz, 30kHz, 40kHz, 50kHz, 58kHz, 80kHz, 120kHz, 132kHz, 170kHz, 192kHz, 250kHz

DUAL : 25/50kHz, 40/80kHz, 40/132kHz, 80/132kHz

The TU / TD series generator is an ultrasonic generator that has been developed for high-end industrial cleaning. This generator is developed with the new technology and with full-bridge phase shift, constant power output, automatic frequency chasing and automatic impedance change. It can further improve the adaptability of the generator for different working conditions stability.

TU / TD Ultrasonic Generator

Ultrasonic Transducer


SINGLE : 28kHz, 40kHz, 68kHz, 80kHz, 130kHz

DUAL : 28/68kHz, 40/80kHz, 40/130kHz, 80/130kHz

piezobrush® PZ2
Plasma handheld device for manual use

plasmabrush® PB3
High-performance plasma system

On almost all surfaces there are fine soiling invisible to the human eye, which severely impairs further treatment of surfaces such as gluing, printing, painting or coating. These fine impurities on metals, plastics or inorganic materials can be removed by plasma cleaning without the use of additional chemicals.

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verification tools

MicroQuick 1001-CA
MicroQuick Particle Scanner


High resolution particle scanner for measuring quantity, size, shape and reflection of residual contaminant particles, scanning in reflected and transmitted light, including all software for analyzing component cleanliness:

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Gläser produces up to the minute extraction systems for testing Technical Cleanliness according to VDA 19 and ISO 16232. Gläser produces standard versions and systems built completely individually to your instructions and requirements.

For a thorough particle analysis on your component, different extraction systems will be used in Technical Cleanliness depending on the specification. This depends on the geometry of the components to be tested.

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glÄser easydry ii
Filter membrane drying

glÄser acm 18
Particle extraction & filtration system

after sales service

We are strived to deliver the best After Sales services to you during this critical period. We understand the distress you might be facing when the machine is down, while we are not able to be on-site to support you immediately during this difficult period.

To ease this situation, we are introducing the following email: aftersales.hq@jkseng.com so that you could reach us quickly, we are committed to supporting you by being on-site or online virtually.

Contact us if you need us to assist in the following activities:

Beginning-of-Life services

  • Installation / field assembly
  • Commissioning / ramp- up and testing
  • Training
  • Warranty periods

The right person to assist you is Kenny Lai.

Lifetime services

  • Inspection
  • Corrective maintenance
  • Preventive maintenance

The right person to assist you is Fadzli.

Spare Parts & Life extension services

  • Upgrade/Retrofits
  • Modification/Modernization
  • Preventive maintenance

The right person to assist you is Eewan.

explore our capabilities

With the rise of new digital industrial technology, industry transformation makes it possible to gather and analyse data across machines and enabling faster, more flexible and more efficient processes to produce higher quality products at reduced cost.

CleanBasic provides recipe management with auto preparation capabilities and comes with extensive alarm notifications indicating the system's current status and history recordings.

CleanXCEL has flexible recipe management with extensive control over processes and sub-processes, as well as algorithms capable of integrating planning and scheduling for multi-product continuous production line while ensuring process optimality and parts quality.

AutoXCEL control software provides different level of controls namely full control, basic control and handling control over an automation system. It also enable us to integrate with other software to perform a more sophisticated control.

JKS has a fair share of market exposure and penetration in the Europe region. Therefore it is important to make sure that our product meets the CE compliance. For other regions, CE compliance are met on customer’s demand or needs.

Environmental, health and safety concerns are becoming a requirement in the manufacturing industry. In JKS, we have adopted SEMI standards on our systems upon the request of our customers.

Other than our CleanBasic and CleanXCEL HMI, we also provide the option to integrate with the Indusoft HMI platform for customers who are more familiar with its framework.

Our Industrial 4.0 Ready consists of various widely supported communication protocols for easy integration and data transfer with external systems.

Our software platform also provides the interface for SECS / GEM communication which is implemented on customers demand.

contact details

Chong See Hin
Keizo Shimai
Alex Wee
Chong Loong Sang

our community

Our people are the key elements of the successful Solution Model delivery. We are encompassed of multi-racial and multi-talented individuals who are inspired to work towards understanding technology, acquiring knowledge & continuous improvement of skills in the cleaning industry.